• Preparing for Emergencies in Belize

    Belize is a relatively safe country. However, there are certain times of the year when the weather is a bit harsh. Hurricanes frequently visit this country during the June to November wet season. People of Belize are no stranger to hurricanes visiting their country. People that are traveling to Belize during the wet season may not be aware or prepared. As part of your preparations to visit Belize; it is best to know how to respond to situations.

    Foreign visitors need to heed the call and advisories of embassies. Always get in contact with your embassy when you are in the country. This will help the embassy to track your whereabouts easier and could help you in the event of an emergency.

    It would help to store local emergency number on the cellphone. You can also write a list of emergency phone numbers that can be useful in the event of an emergency. Police are generally reached via 911. The Belize Coast Guard can be reached through 225 21 25. In Belize City the police can be reached via 911 and also in Belmopan too.

    Always coordinate with the hotel staff if ever you get caught in the middle of a hurricane. Belize weather conditions may drastically change in every two hours. Evacuate when needed. Water may rise due to storm surges. The eye of the storm happen during the lowest barometric pressure. It is best to move to higher ground when the roads are blocked due to flood waters.

    Never run or to wait before evacuating since it may be too late when the height of the storm happens. Evacuation centers may be provided. It is best to coordinate with the embassies so they can also help in accommodations when there is a huge storm. A Belize vacation can be safe, if you know the safety precautions.

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