• How to Stay Safe and Secure While in Belize

    Perhaps nothing is more worrisome to people than insecurity and the issue of safety. We all do have this concern especially when traveling to a foreign country. Belize is a country that is blessed with a lot of natural wonders and friendly people. The warm hospitality of the country has resonated all over the four corners of the world. But, there are things that new visitors need to do in order to make their stay fun and enjoyable. After all, having that safety sense tucked can surely prevent any untoward incidents from happening and ultimately ruining the holiday.

    Belize visitors need to be wary not to leave valuables behind. If there is a need to roam around for sightseeing, it is best to join a group of tourists. It is prudent not to wear fancy or expensive watches or jewelry while touring. Expensive cameras should not be brought along including expensive gadgets. It is generally safe to roam in Belize despite the number of crimes registered. Being prudent means that the likelihood of getting mugged is relatively low.

    Men are advised to put their wallets in the front pocket. Pickpockets are common in Belize. This is the reason you need to have a back-up pre-paid card in the event the primary credit card gets stolen or lost. Some credit card companies offer free international toll-free calling to report stolen or lost credit card. It is also wise not to bring passports but to have photocopies brought along for security purposes.

    It is highly advised not to go alone in the streets of the capital city of Belize. Sexual harassment may occur. It is not frequent, but it can happen. Females are advised to tour the country with a group to prevent unfortunate incidents such as these.

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