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Facts That You Should Know About Electronic Cigarettes But Afraid To Ask

Where ever you are you must know what are the facts about ecig. Smoking kills that is why more and more people are switching towards electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes remain the best way to get some nicotine by providing the same experience and the fastest way to get nicotine to the brain. But, why are we afraid of electronic cigarettes if they are safe? You may be surprised to find out why.

Electronic cigarettes cause confusion

Confusion is the reason behind why New York chose to ban electronic cigarettes in public. The similarity of vapes and tobacco cigarettes may cause confusion among nonsmokers and thus may in turn cause confrontation. But, any intelligent observer would agree that there is a considerable difference between cigarettes and vapes. For one, the glowing end of the cigarette does not have any smoking billowing from it. In fact, the vapor is only released when the vaper is exhaling the vapor after delivering the nicotine to the lungs. The lighted end often glows blue or yellow, sometimes green which is different from the red orange glow of regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes cause addiction

This may have some truth to it. It is given that nicotine is addictive. To the uneducated person this may hold some water. Nicotine is also present in electronic cigarettes and also with nicotine-replacement devices that are being prescribed by doctors to help quitters to get over their nicotine addiction. People don’t understand that unlike tobacco, electronic cigarettes have different dosages of nicotine. There are even vapes that do not have nicotine in them. The whole idea of vapes with varying degrees of nicotine is to help the quitters step down on their addiction until they no longer crave for their addiction. After all, quitting cold turkey is a very hard animal to rear.

Electronic cigarettes cause young people to get into smoking

Vapes are being accused of alluring young people to get into smoking. But, the truth is that there is no scientific study or any survey that would prove that kids get into smoking via electronic cigarettes. The current data shows that it is the other way around. Kids are using electronic cigarettes to alleviate their tobacco addiction in the hope that the devices will be able to help. Kids, based on the survey that is being used by the government as a scare tactic, know that electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes cause health problems

Actually no one knows if indeed vapes cause health problems. The studies that are out there are significantly not enough to tell us just that. However, the studies that are coming out from labs prove the accusations as false. It would take another 10 to 15 years before we can really tell that vapes are indeed harmful or not.

In terms of harm reduction, vaping with electronic cigarettes are less harmful and more beneficial to the health in the long run. The secret lies on how vapes are made. It has no chemicals that can cause problems to the health. It does not burn anything that releases chemicals to the body. But, if it can help save the lives of smokers why not let it be and enjoy smelling the cloud of vapors.

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