• Getting to Know the People of Belize

    Belize is the modern name of British Honduras. It is a predominantly English-speaking country. Spanish and other Mayan-based languages and dialects are also spoken. Belizean people are generally peaceful, warm and hospitable. Most of the people in this country are trilingual knowing how to speak three or more languages.

    The population of Belize has been powered with a surge in Latino immigration especially in the 1980s. Most of these immigrants were refugees from other Latin American countries fleeing the civil unrest during that time. The Spanish-speaking immigrants comprise the biggest chunk of the groups of people.

    People in Belize

    People in Belize [photo/spaceja.com]

    Belize has one of the smallest population densities in the world with about eight persons per square kilometer. This is a problem since underpopulation is causing huge clusters of open spaces especially along the countryside and the rural areas. Communities are known to be built along waterways and seacoasts.

    Aboriginal people are found in the countrysides. The Maya and the Garifuna are the biggest indigenous groups in the country. Gender equality is recognized, however, few women actually dabble in politics. Managers in the country are predominantly male.

    This country is also susceptible to hurricanes. For this reason the housing styles of the country are designed to withstand torrential winds and rains brought about by storms. There is a greater favor to use ferro-concrete as a choice for building materials since the 1960s. The architecture of the country has had been heavily influenced by the colonial period.

    Corn, beans and rice are the daily staples of this country. Hardly there are food restrictions or taboos. Certain foods, however, based on folk beliefs are known to be helpful in bringing about health and wellness. Fruit exports and sugar accounted for 80 percent of the foreign exchange earnings of the country.

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