• Facts about Belize’s Wildlife

    Even if Belize is a relatively small country; it is home to a great number of animal species. The amazing variety of wildlife is possible because of the climate and the topography of the country. Belize’s savannahs and lowlands are great homes for tropical birds, great cats and other mountain animals such as beautiful jaguars.

    Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center

    Jaguar/Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center

    It is known that there are about 145 species of mammals known living in Belize. About 139 reptilian and amphibian species live in the country. There are more than 56 kinds of snakes living in the country as of the moment. About eight species are known to be venomous and considered to be dangerous to humans. The country boasts of being home of over 500 species of rare and amazing birds. These animals call the paradise of Belize their true home.

    Belize also have big cats about five species to be exact. The great jaguar is one of the tourists in Belize want to see. Only a chosen few are able to see the great cat in action especially along the mountain ranges. The jaguar has been protected as their population has gone down due to excessive hunting in the past. Fur hunters and accelerated deforestation has caused a huge drop in population.

    Nine-Banded Armadillo [photo/belizetravelblog.com]

    Nine-Banded Armadillo [photo/belizetravelblog.com]

    At least 66 carnivore species are also found in Belize. Belize is known for the nine-banded armadillo or the ant eater. This animal may not win any contest for aerodynamics, but is surprisingly swift for its size and body design. Coyotes are also found in the mountains of Belize. The coyote has been the most successful predators behind the iconic gray wolf. Other carnivores found in Belize include reptiles, rodents and the gray fox.

    Grey Fox [photo/wildlandscreative.com]

    Grey Fox [photo/wildlandscreative.com]

    Visitors to this country can sample and experience what the wildlife can bring to their amazing adventure and vacation.

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