• Belize Moves to Stamp out Smoking Woes

    Belize has moved to stop smoking in the country. The Ministry of Health National Drug Abuse Control Council launched the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article Eight measures to protect the people from tobacco smoke exposure. The government signed the framework in order to fulfill the country’s obligation on tobacco control.

    The move is aimed to make smoking illegal in certain places such as government buildings. It is also prohibited to smoke in public areas such as banks, hotel lobbies and other similar places. The restaurants in the country needs to designate a smoking area for customers. The smoking ban extends to schools regardless whether public or private. The ban is also in effect in public transportation. The initiative will conduct an information drive to bring home the need to inform the public.

    The health ministry said the steps are done to fulfill the obligation in the framework on tobacco control. The entire Cabinet’s help is needed to fully implement a no-smoking policy all over the country. About 37 deaths in Belize are related to cancers and other diseases that are related to tobacco.

    The move is a welcomed one as Belize is one of the few countries in the world that has been late in moving to curb tobacco use and to restrict non-smokers’ exposure to tobacco.

    The plan has been getting a help from the Pan American Health Organization. It is aimed to finally control the use of tobacco in Belize known to be a huge killer. Smoking remains the biggest cause of preventable death in the world. About six million people are getting killed each year around the world due to smoking. The estimates will increase to eight million, says the World Health Organization, if nothing is done to keep the smoking rates down in the world. There are about a billion smokers around the world.

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